About Us

Our passion at Alzu Eggs is our staff, consumers, hens and eggs

Alzu Eggs

Highly modern, scientific machinery:

The Alzu Eggs operation comprises of healthy layer hens, housed in modern environmentally controlled layer houses. Strict biosecurity measures are adhered to, and a stress-free environment is maintained to ensure a high-quality product is produced.

Pride in Alzu Eggs Products:

Our flagship product, Alzu free range eggs, is our pride and joy. These hens are kept in open sided houses where they have access to roam freely in green pastures under evergreen trees. Very strict free range poultry management practices are adhered to ensure Alzu free range hens are truly free ranging.

We are one of the few suppliers that produce both free range and commercial market ready point of lay hens. For these valuable chicks, the latest housing and veterinary practices are used leading to the most modern and comprehensive programs. We make use of the latest genetics of Dekalb Amberlink and Hy-Line. The free range hens are reared in floor based rearing operations and they are therefore ready to adjust into a free range laying facility.

Alzu Eggs Operations

Our point of lay birds is high quality birds who produces quality Alzu Eggs products. Alzu Eggs has two rearing site for the purpose of rearing caged and free-range point of lay birds.

Food Safety &
Quality Control

Alzu Eggs prides itself on the fact that we comply with both statutory and regulatory requirements within our food safety and quality system in our egg pack station.

Alzu Eggs Cull Station

One of Alzu eggs’ departments is our Cull station where we sell 2nd grade eggs and end of lay chickens. Our egg pack station makes use of top quality egg grading machine called a Moba.

Promise &

Providing ALZU EGGS customers with a superior product we ourselves can be proud that this is the heartbeat and main aim of our operation. Constantly staying on top of new research.