About us

Cull Station

One of Alzu Eggs department is our cull station, at the cull station the off-grade eggs and end of lay chickens are sold. These eggs are derived from the egg pack station, the pack station makes use of an egg grading machine called a Moba omnia, this machine removes all crack and dirty eggs.

The end of lay chickens is sourced from our high-tech Techno environmentally controlled laying houses and sold as end of lay birds into the market. The cull station is regularly visited by the SPCA as well as the Department of Health. Alzu Eggs is proud to share that the cull station complies with all regulations relevant to the set standards for housing livestock.

Alzu Eggs Operations

Our point of lay birds is high quality birds who produces quality Alzu Eggs products. Alzu Eggs has two rearing site for the purpose of rearing caged and free range point of lay birds.

Food Safety &
Quality Control

Alzu Eggs prides itself on the fact that we comply with both statutory and regulatory requirements within our food safety and quality system in our egg pack station.


For these valuable chicks the latest housing and veterinary practices are used, leading to one of the most comprehensive programs. We make use of the latest genetics from Amberlink and Hyline.

Promise &

Providing ALZU EGGS customers with a superior product we ourselves can be proud that this is the heartbeat and main aim of our operation. Constantly staying on top of new research.