Farming Process

Taste The Farm Fresh Flavour Of Free Range Eggs

Farming Process

Alzu Eggs is one of the few suppliers supplying free range and commercial eggs, as well as point of lay birds.

Rearing site:

For these valuable pullets, the latest housing and leading veterinary practices are used. Alzu Eggs buy day old chicks from Dekalb Amberlink and Hy-Line. During rearing of these birds, a comprehensive vaccination program is followed, and high-quality rations are fed to produce high quality ready to lay pullets

Laying site:

Alzu Eggs farm has two laying sites for a purpose of producing eggs, one site is caged-housing systems for commercial egg production and the other site is free range housing system for free range egg production. Our layer hens are transferred from our rearing facilities to our laying facilities around 17 to 18 weeks of age. Alzu Eggs aim to produce nutritious eggs from hens that:

  • the optimal nutrition is provided and
  • a strict lighting program is followed according to the age of the bird. Lighting programs are extremely important for optimal laying hens’ productions.
  • healthy by ensuring that the vaccination program is strictly followed.

The vaccination program covers diseases such as: infectious bronchitis, Escherichia coli and Newcastle.

Alzu Eggs staff members take pride in their daily duties to ensure production is kept consistent and kept in and above industry standard.

Pack Station:

Alzu Eggs prides itself on the fact that we comply with both statutory and regulatory requirements within our food safety and quality system in our egg pack station. Additionally, Alzu Eggs complies with portions of international standards which includes but is not limited to GFSI, ISO 22000 and HACCP.

Alzu Eggs has a long record of compliance audits that have been conducted by an international third-party company. Alzu Eggs prides itself on the fact that Alzu Eggs has not only complied but has surpassed the set standards that is required.

One of Alzu Eggs department is our cull station, at the cull station the off-grade eggs and end of lay chickens are sold. These eggs are derived from the egg pack station, the pack station makes use of an egg grading machine called a Moba omnia, this machine removes all crack and dirty eggs. The machine has a highly developed egg crack detection system which detects hairline cracks in the eggs and sorts them as off grade eggs. Another sophisticated function on the machine is the dirty eggs separator, which is manually operated by our well-trained candling staff, once activated the machine separates the dirty eggs from the clean ones and packs it into a dedicated lane for dirties. These off grade eggs are then boxed and dispatched to our cull station. These eggs are safe for human consumption and still fresh, as these eggs are off grades they are sold at lower prices.

Why Free
Range Eggs

Our Free Range eggs are so good because we have happier hens. Their days are spent roaming in lush green pastures and enjoying the warm summer sunshine.


For these valuable pullets, the latest housing and leading veterinary practices are used. Alzu Eggs buy day old chicks from Dekalb Amberlink and Hy-Line.

Free Range
Egg Products

In the pack station where our eggs are packed for dispatch, we have protocols in place to ensure that only free range eggs are packed in free range packaging.