Our Story

Eggs, Hens, Staff and our Consumers are our passion

Our Story

Highly Modern, Scientific Superior Machinery and Pride in our Product

The operation comprises of healthy happy layer hens, which are housed in modern environmentally controlled layer houses with high levels of constantly monitored bio-security and hens are continuously maintained in a stress-free environment, to produce our well known ALZU EGGS.

Our flagship product, the ALZU FREE RANGE EGGS, is our pride and joy. These hens are kept in open-sided houses where they can roam freely in green pastures under evergreen trees. Very strict free-range poultry management practices are adhered to at all times, so the ALZU FREE RANGE HENS are truly free-ranging.

We are one of the few suppliers that produce both FREE RANGE and COMMERCIAL market-ready POINT OF LAY HENS. For these valuable chicks, the latest housing and veterinary practices are used leading to the most modern and comprehensive programs. We make use of the latest Genetics of Dekalb Amberlink and Hyline. 

The Free-range hens are reared in “TRUE FREE RANGE” floor-based rearing operations and they are therefore ready to adjust very easily into any free range laying facility.

About Alzu

We are one of the few suppliers supplying free-range and commercial eggs, as well as point of lay birds: For these valuable chicks, the latest housing and veterinary practices are used…

Food Safety &
Quality Control

At ALZU EGGS food safety and security are non-negotiable which is why we have no animal by-products in our diets produced by ALZU FEEDS, plus we use advanced Veterinary…

& Aim

Providing ALZU EGGS customers with a superior product we ourselves can be proud that this is the heartbeat and main aim of our operation. Constantly staying on top of new research…

A little history

ALZU EGGS is one of the divisions of Alzu Enterprises (Pty) Ltd which was started as a family business in 1968 by Mr. Gerry du Toit. These days Mr. Du Toit’s four sons are the directors…